Management & Consulting

My clients want to move forward in key leadership issues, master demanding technical challenges, need help setting the direction for strategic corporate development, or are facing necessary changes.

I work with small and medium-sized enterprises and family companies and assume management and budget responsibility to deliver results, both nationally and internationally. I help companies find solutions for technical and entrepreneurial challenges, providing support to both management and investors. In all this, I place a special emphasis on being appreciative and respectful of the employees.

Tasks my clients hire me for:

Management (technical or generalist)

  • Project management and coordination
  • Change and business development
  • Temporary management tasks and vacancy bridging


  • Technical and business consulting


Management (technical or generalist)

Project management and coordination

Bridging gaps in management capacity

  • Interdisciplinary R&D projects and high-tech developments
  • Projects with multiple partners
  • International technical projects
  • Solving technical problems in production and R&D
  • Increasing production yield

Change and business development

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Strategic realignment
  • International business development
    • Technical support and implementation of M&A projects
    • Support for site search and setup
    • Finding partners for demanding technical issues
  • Pioneering
    • Market development for innovations
    • New business models and processes
  • Portfolio management
  • Developing technical roadmaps
  • Introducing and optimizing R&D processes
  • Innovation management
  • Structural changes
  • Growing start-ups
    • Organizational development
    • Technical or overall management

Temporary management tasks and vacancy bridging

  • Company management
  • Division management
  • Department management
  • Interdepartmental management tasks
  • Participation as a member of the advisory or supervisory board


Technical and business consulting

  • Strategy reviews
  • Evaluation of innovations and development projects regarding
    • feasibility
    • profitability
    • competitiveness
  • Support in technology transfer and collaboration with partners
  • Support management in matters related to
    • technology and trend scouting
    • systematic innovation
    • R&D
    • product management
    • production